The nineteenth edition of Danae Festival is heralded by a horse. An image apparently recalling a classic representation except for the slit doubling the animal, which suggests a different perspective. This figure is a good symbol for a Festival who has always had an eye for the past in an attempt to elaborate and get over it so as to produce new visions. A powerful, hard to tame, somehow warlike figure, but whose main characteristic is its 360-degree sight. It evokes battles, determination, a sense of freedom and an open approach, unbiased, capable of accepting different experiences regardless of trends or possible definitions, trying to interact with an even wider and more diversified audience.

These battles are ours, as well as of the artists we feature. A varied landscape, made of different generations confronting one another, that gives us the opportunity to reflect on what has happened in theatre over the last twenty-thirty years, and on how the process of handing down is dealt with. Internationally renowned names alongside young artists compose a scenario made of radical visions, of anxiety, of quests for identity, in a narrative about a present time devoid of humanity, where people seem to have lost the will and the ability to fight, to rise against what is indeed a perennial war against mankind. In such a scenario artists are more than ever a fundamental voice, necessary to focus on and disclose contradictions and dangers looming on the world, but above all to suggest a freedom of action and of life which is still somehow “scabrous”. They don’t provide solutions, but confront us with issues that question us with a strength unsettling our illusory certainties.

Alessandra De Santis



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