ED. 2019

Having turned twenty last year, our festival faces its twenty-first edition as if starting again. We bring back into play all the peculiarities of this project that obstinately goes against the tide: support to young talents, attention to different codes and the relationship between different generations, our nomadic attitude leading us to discover and inhabit open and closed spaces within the city, our interest for projects that stimulate a reflection upon landscape and the burning issues of our time, and broaden our views through poetry.

While the body is still the core of the works we propose in this edition, the fil rouge running through them is undoubtedly the relationship with words, examined to such lengths as their presence in silent spaces. Silence meant as a cosy place where thoughts can thrive, as a choice to be far from the fore, the need to act in a subdued way that we reckon worthy of defence and reception. We feel the necessity to speak with care while simultaneously trying to enhance listening, in a direct communication or a refounding of the word through a research that follows very different paths in the various works.

Danae Festival is also a journey within the city’s locations as well as within oneself, a chance to reflect and a shifting of perspectives. We go into a nearly metaphysical Milan along surprising urban routes; we cross enchanting spaces where science meets sounds and images, taking us to a mythical cosmogony; we are thrown into a different time, in a dance proposing the experience of a time not measured by clocks; we find ourselves at the dawn of a new world or in a surreal elaboration of dreams.

Danae is a multifaceted creature, whose patient work creates stratifications, a firm ground to stand on. It is like a gemstone embedded in a rock, a crystal hiding within a geode, something to look for, rare and precious, offering wonder and surprise. Enjoy your search!

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