TUE 2nd NOV 8:30pm – DiDstudio

Lenz Fondazione [IT]


Daphne_You must be my tree is a visual, cinematic, spatial and aural version of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The bloodless girl takes shape from the silhouette of the performer herself, thus creating an outlined small figure similar to a mosaic made of small pieces of wood. The wooden, vegetating matter strives to become a new and real body by sinking into the actress. Daphne’s body, whose only link is with matter, briefly becomes as eternal and powerful as the wood.

From The Metamorphoses by Publio Ovidio Nasone

traduction, dramaturgy and imageturgy Francesco Pititto installation wrappings plastic elements and direction Maria Federica Maestri music Andrea Azzali performer Valentina Barbarini technical assistant Alice Scartapacchio project assistant Elena Sorbi organization Ilaria Stocchi press office  Michele Pascarella produced by Lenz Fondazione

duration: 40 minutes


Büchner, Hölderlin, Lenz, Kleist, Rilke, Dostoevskij, Majakovskij, Shakespeare, Goethe, Grimm, Andersen, Calderón de la Barca, Genet, Lorca, Bacchini, Ovidio, Virgilio, Manzoni, d’Annunzio, Ariosto, Dante: these are the authors that marked Lenz’s monographic and long-standing projects, starting back in 1985.

The recent projects of contemporary creative performance are the result of an in-depth artistic resarch into visual, filmic, spatial, dramathurgical and auditory arts. In a convergent aesthetic between interpretative loyalty to the script, visual radicality in filmic creation, and originality in conceptual extremism with artistic installations, Lenz’s work rewrites the philosophical tensions and aesthetic unease of the contemporary into a visionary language.

Francesco Pititto is in charge of the translation, dramathurgical reformation, and treatment of images, who also directs alongisde Maria Federica Maestri. The scenery and costumes are made by Maria Federica Maestri, noted by critics for her work on the “dramathurgy of matter”, and for her system of visual signs that constitute her personal “design-acted”. Andrea Azzali creates original music; an experimental musician who focuses on electronic composition, he’s also a resident artist and teacher of sound design. Lenz expresses forms of art that are recognized as some of the most original and rigorous in Italian and European theatrical research.

Their works are characterized by an unstoppable inquiry into contemporary language. In the first phase of its artistic path, Lenz has reworked the greats and classics, recapturing the poetic impulses into contemporary visions. In recent times, the heart of poetry is a visual and malleable research: theatrical action is wedged between visual writing and the flexible creation of space, which wants to become an autonomous artistic installation. The performative action is enhanced by the exceptional nature of the actors, artistic reagents to the creative text.

Lenz has curated the artistic and organizational direction of the International Festival for contemporary creation Natura Dèi Teatri since 1996. An articulate project named Pratiche di Teatro characterizes Lenz in the field of visual and theatrical formation. Pratiche di Teatro Sociale, on the other hand, is about the methods of theatrical, visual, and musical sensibilization, and foresees the creation of integrative workshops made to help those with intellectual or mental disabilities. In addition to this intense formative activity, there are also the workshops and activities geared towards schools and universities.





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