THU 9th NOV- 8:30pm – DiDstudio

Francesca Foscarini [IT]



Francesca Foscarini is a dancer and choreographer. She has studied with great choreographers such as Emio Greco, Yasmeen Godder and Iris Erez, Carlotta Sagna, Nigel Charnock. As a performer she has worked in Il migliore dei mondi possibili by Roberto Castello (Premio Ubu 2003) and Folk-s by Alessandro Sciarroni. She has also worked with Sara Wiktorowicz on Grandmother (Premio Equilibrio 2013 as best performer), the first of the two works that Foscarini will present in this edition of the Festival. This solo is inspired by Francesca’s memories of her grandmother. The research on movement originates in the memory and how it flows through the body not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically. Francesca has worked on the body transformation from old to young, combining these different states of mind.


A body letting go of the past,

The urgency of being present in the here and now,

Never knowing what will happen next,

Moving by the rhythm of breath, memories, and light conquering darkness.



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concept and direction Sara Wiktorowicz created with the performer Francesca Foscarini light design and music reworking Sara Wiktorowicz technical assistant Luca Serafini artistic residence Arti e Spettacolo L’Aquila, Teatro Nobelperlapace di San Demetrio (AQ) and Associazione Culturale Van rehearsal at Theatreschool Amsterdam

Duration 12 minutes


Francesca Foscarini is an Italian dancer choreographer and teacher. Her personal career has been marked by the encounter with important masters of the international dance scene, (Yasmeen Godder, Sara Wiktorowicz, Iris Erez, Emio Greco, Roberto Castello) with whom she had the opportunity to research the different languages of contemporary dance and improvisation. Her research and poetic focus on the relation between physicality and states of mind and she is particularly interested in exploring the presence of the performer on stage in relation with the audience. Her works include Kalsh (2009), Cantando sulle ossa (Best solo Masdanza 2012, Presented in Avignon Off 2014), Grandmother (Equilibrio Award Roma 2013 Performer), Gut Gift (by Yasmeen Godder, 2014). She was awarded with the Positano Prize as Dancer of the Year on the Contemporary Scene in 2015. Her recent creations are Vocazione all’Asimmetria (Aerowaves 2017) and Good Lack (2016). She has been working as a performer for Alessandro Sciarroni in Folk-s since 2012 and she is currently collaborating as a dancer with Yasmeen Godder in the remaking of Two Playful Pink.

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