THU 9th NOV 9:30pm – CAREOF

Fabio Bonelli [IT]

D’BEETH Dj set


Danae’s sound section is proud to host Fabio Bonelli, versatile polyinstrumentalist and creative, who since 2007 has been touring the world with his projects, in a continuous search for a blend between everyday life and enchantment. d’BEETH (destroy BEETHoven) is a dj-set of classic music on vinyl records, to be enjoyed and listened to in a particular environment. Years of rummaging through stalls and second-hand record shops have produced a collection of precious gems ranging from the Renaissance to the early 20th century, with a penchant for baroque and uncommon instruments. Fragments of harp works, flute quartets, ensemble of brass and drums, but also the classic violin, cello and piano. A slightly retro-flavoured project but with a touch of refinement and ancient charm, contaminated by the use of turntables and mixers… One of a kind.



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a project of Fabio Bonelli

Fabio Bonelli is a musician, artist and sound explorer. Since 2007 he travels around the world with his creative projects searching for a join between everyday life and enchanting: musica da cucina (concrete folk for guitar and dishes), MATITA (rithmyc drawers collective), d’Beeth (old classical music vinyls used as music instruments), sii bih dii (open group for musicians and old birdwatcher’s vinyls). He also composed soundtracks for documentary and films (INSOLITO CINEMA, DON’T MOVIE) and theatre (Gruppo Teatro campestre) and opened for Amiina, Fink, Blonde redhead, Enzo Pietropaoli, Jackie’o’Motherfucker, AboveTheTree, Bob Corn, Comaneci.

He played several tours around Europe and Australia, and played in spot such as Triennale and Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica (Milano), MONA FOMA (Hobart, Tasmania), Linz 09 (Linz, Austria), Città dell’arte (Biella), Teatro Eliseo (Roma), TEDXNapoli (Napoli), Silencio (Parigi), Spoleto Fringe festival LaMaMa (Spoleto).

In 2011 PeopleFromTheMountains became a creative laboratory, collecting the creative pulse also of other people as in MATITA and sii bih dii.


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