TUE 30 OCT 9.30 pm – DIDSTUDIO

Monica Gentile e Marcela Giesche [IT/DE]



Monica Gentile is a young dancer and choreographer, one of the most interesting of her generation. She began her work with Marcela Giesche, founder of Lake Studios Berlin, a residency for international artists and former carpenter’s workshop. A location can sometimes influence and determine the work being created in it: this was the case for Monica and Marcela, who were inspired by wood, and make use of it to dance and “play” this equilibrium duo named after a song by Patti Smith. With wooden planks of different sizes, they create shapes while blurring the boundary line between construction and destruction, a chaos necessary to reorganize space and enable a new growth. This work can remind of a huge Shanghai, the Chinese game of sticks, and actually some of its pieces inevitably fall down. This inevitability is the “fire of unknown origin” cited in the title, order and disorder, paradox and method defied by each step.

concept, creation, and performance Monica Gentile and Marcela Giesche production Anghiari Dance Hub (IT), Lake Studios Berlin(DE), SpazioK (IT) photo credits Irene Vergni thanks to Marco Mazzoni e Margherita Morgantin

Monica Gentile (1985)dancer-choreographer graduated at the University Dams in Bologna. In 2016 and 2017 she created the works “Shepherd” and “Fire of Unknown Origin” at the residency Anghiari Dance Hub, IN Teatro (AMAT Marche), Sosta Palmizi, SpazioK, Lake Studios Berlin. 2012 winner of Palco Aperto at Pim Off in Milan with “Minimal Dance”. She trained and worked with several choreographers including Simona Bertozzi, Virgilio Sieni, Cristina Rizzo, Michele di Stefano, Keith Hennessy, Julien Hamilton, Yoshito Ohno. In 2011 finalist at the GD’A Emilia award, as an interpreter at work “Garage kit” by Francesca Burzacchini.

Marcela Giesche (1983 – USA, DE): Marcela graduated in 2006 with BFA in Dance at Ohio State University and Codarts, Rotterdam. Since then she has been a freelance dancer and choreographer who works with several dance companies and directors across Europe, including Neuer Tanz (VA Wölfl), Thomas Ostermeier and Deja Donne, and others. Some of her works include “Sacre” (awarded at the Hau Berlin), “left I – right I” (with Sonya Levin), “Selfportrait24” and “exFolia” (with Andy Moor / Yannis Kyriakides). She continues her search for movement and choreographic forms through her activities of creation, performance and teaching in Berlin and internationally. She also founded and is the artistic director of the research and dance residence Lake Studios Berlin.


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