SAT 9th NOV 4 pm – DiDstudio

Alessandro Bedosti, Cinzia Delorenzi, Francesca Proia e Silvia Rampelli [IT]



Following the success enjoyed last year by our new section named Laterale, we continue to welcome and stimulate interventions by artists not strictly meant as shows. Laterale is the place where we invite artists to propose materials that don’t transpire in their works but often serve as foundations: thoughts, obsessions, perspectives, work and creation methods. This year, the section will host a group of artists who have chosen to follow a solitary path, nearly at the edge of the scene, radical researchers such as the choreographers and dancers Alessandro Bedosti, Cinzia Delorenzi, Francesca Proia and the choreographer Silvia Rampelli of the Habillé d’eau company.

To close the day, Attilio Scarpellini, journalist, essayist and theatre critic, will share his reflections on the matter.

Length 2 hours + talk

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