SAT 11th 3pm and SUN 12th NOV 11:30am – Parco Nord Milano

Rudi van der Merwe e Béatrice Graf [CH]



Rudi van der Merwe and Béatrice Graf, in Italy for the first time, are an artistic duo with different skills: he studied theatre and dance, while she is an artist and drummer with a wide range of styles and settings. Trophée is a dance performance for open spaces, very close to visual art and land art, staged by Danae in the charming spaces of Parco Nord. Three artists in lavish baroque clothes conquer a field as an invading army, taking postures of trophies, hunted animals and ghosts of past wars. The performance unfolds on a wide area and gradually gets closer to the viewers, who can watch the event either with or without the use of binoculars.



concept by Rudi van der Merwe and Béatrice Graf choreography Rudi van der Merwe created in collaboration with Susana Panadès Diaz and Jòzsef Trefeli performers Ivan Blagajčević, Claire-Marie Ricarte and Rudi van der Merwe music Béatrice Graf, set design Victor Roy costumes Kata Tòth administration Laure Chapel / Pâquis tour manager Gábor Varga / BravoBravo

produced by Skree Wolf co-produced by Festival Antigel with the support of République et Canton de Genève touring with the support of Pro Helvetia, Corodis

duration 40 minutes


Rudi van der Merwe studies dance, theatre and French at the University of Stellenbosch and Modern Litterature and Cinema at the University of Strasbourg. He partakes in ex.e.r.ce at the CCN of Montpellier under the direction of Mathilde Monnier in 2002. Since 2004 he works as performer with Gilles Jobin, Cindy van Acker, Yan Duyvendak among others. He collaborates with Ayelen Parolin, Victoria Chiu, Marie-Caroline Hominal and Jòzsef Trefeli on various multidisciplinary projects. In 2010, Rudi creates I’d like to save the world, but I’m too busy saving myself in collaboration with Susana Panadès Diaz. In 2011 he creates Solstice at Festival Antigel (Geneva) and Miss En Abyme at la Bâtie – festival de Genève. He creates the solo Celestial Spunk (2012) and Buzz Riot (2016) at the ADC in Geneva.

Béatrice Graf Artist & drummer in a wide range of styles and con gurations, Béatrice Graf makes fun of limitations, from stylistic conventions to orchestration. Among the artists she has worked with are Vinz Vonlanthen, Dave Douglas, Jacques Siron, Guillaume Perret, Neba Solo (Mali), Jean-Jacques Pedretti, Christian Weber, among others. Béatrice Graf has toured extensively in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa, in particular with Four Roses; the Peter Schärli special sextet, featuring Glenn Ferris; and B. G. Windows, featuring Corin Curschellas & Sylvie Courvoisier, Deviana Daudsjah trio.

Graf has been recorded and distributed internationally on such labels as Enja, Unit records and Altrisuoni, among others.

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