FRI 10th NOV 9:30pm – DiDstudio

Andrea Costanzo Martini [IT/IL]



 Andrea Costanzo Martini, artist with an original approach, after studying contemporary dance and ballet in Italy, in 2008 joined the Batsheva Dance Company, working for the great choreographers Ohad Naharin and Sharol Eyal. In 2012 he moved to Israel and created his solo What Happened in Torino, awarded for dance and choreography at the International Stuttgart Solo Competition in 2013, a sort of choreographic challenge where the body can reveal itself in all its peculiar uniqueness while enjoying the pleasure of an accurate performance. The text that goes with the dance is a free translation of the telesales by Vanna Marchi, a controversial figure of the 1990s, known for her unorthodox sales methods and her exuberance.


What would happen if every cell of my body could be observed by every other entity in the room (the ceiling ,the walls, the air , the audience)?

What does it mean to expose oneself? Is it a generous or a selfish act?

And in a more general level ,can movement precede and produce meaning?


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choreography and performance Andrea Costanzo Martini music Arvo Part, Moondog, Andrea Costanzo Martini voiceover Einat Betsalel light design Yoav Barel

Duration 13 minutes


Andrea Costanzo Martini was born and raised in Italy where he received his first education in contemporary dance and ballet. In 2006 He joined the Batsheva Ensemble and 2 years later moved to the main company. During these years he performed extensively the repertoire of Ohad Naharin and Sharon Eyal and he began his activity as gaga teacher and Choreographer through the “dancer create” program of the Company.  He later joined the Cullberg Ballet in Stockholm where he performed for two years repertoire of Benoit Lachambre, Alexander Ekman ,Crystal Pite, Jefta Van Dinter and Tillman O’Donnel. He created a work for six men of the company, For men only presented at the Moderna Dans Theater in Stockholm and participated in the solo program of Deborah Hay – This empty stage an ocean.

In 2012 he moved back to Israel where he joined the Inbal Pinto Dance company and started creating his own works. In 2013 he was awarded first prize for both dance and choreography at the International Stuttgart Solo Competition for the solo work  What Happened in Torino. Since then the piece has toured extensively.

In November 2014, thanks to the support of the Zurich Tanzahaus,,Suzan Dellal Center Tel Aviv, Teiva Theater he presented a new work named Tropical in Pavillon Noir Aix en Provence, a duet with Matan Daskal (Israel) featuring Video and Light Work of Yoav Barel (Israel) He later created a solo version of the work, Trop presented at the MAAT festival Lublin in December 2014 and later in Gothenburg Sweden in April 2015. Between 2015 and 2016 he created the works VOGLIO VOGLIA, Filthy Guilty aaaaAAAAHHH and Occhio di bue.

In October 2015 he was awarded the audience prize at the Festival MASDANZA in the Canary Islands. In November 2016 the debut of his latest creation SCARABEO, angles and the void, a duet with Avidan Ben Giat as part of the Curtain Up Festival Tel Aviv. In December 2016 he is awarded the jury’s second prize at the “International Jerusalem Choreography Competition” for the solo Occhio di Bue. Andrea is regularly working as a teacher and mentor and is choreographing for various groups (Sadna Gaaton, Dafna Szilberg Theater etc).

He has been showing his work in 2013 and 2015 at the Israeli International Exposure in Tel Aviv and has represented Israel in various Festivals around the World (France, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Poland just to name few). He regularly showcases his work in Israeli Theaters and Festivals (Suzan Dellal Center, Tmuna Theater, Teiva Theater, Machsan 2, Intima Festival, Gvarim Iotsrim, Diver Festival).

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