EXTRADANAE – MON 6th NOV 10:00am-1:00pm -DiDstudio

Yasmine Hugonnet [CH]


yasmine masterclass

The work is based on a movement practice considering all that is moving: attention, sensation, imagination, not only visible moves. It plays with: De-prioritize the body organization / redistributing stillness and mobility, stability and instability / engaging in dancing as a state of production, and reception at the same time.

Working with the idea of Postures as containers (collecting resonances on many levels, sensorial, imaginary, symbolic…) inviting a deep engagement in physicality and attention.

Description of Workshop
In the workshop I share my main tools for choreographic composition: visiting our body and postures between stillness and motion.

Eligibility of Participants
the level of difficulty: professional/amateur dancer – No age limit

Maximum 25 persons

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