SAT 11th NOV 8:30pm – ZONA K

Francesco Michele Laterza [IT]



Given its constant attention to the Italian emerging scene, Danae presents Francesco Michele Laterza, an artist mixing theatre and dance who studied with Danio Manfredini, Cesar Brie, Raffaella Giordano, Carolyn Carlson and Dominique Dupuy. The play Acquafuocofuochissimo is a reflection on how the male identity is constructed and deconstructed. On stage, four men play with their roles and stretch them at will in order to deconsacrate them. In so doing they disclose the frailty of definitions, the funny and tragic sides of constraints, the humanity between being and appearing. A medley of gestures and talks stolen from reality, childhood characters and memories freely mingling together in a blend that borders on unreality and nonsense.

devised by Francesco Michele Laterza by and with Simone Evangelisti, Francesco Michele Laterza, Fabio Pagano, Sandro Pivotti sound Danilo Valsecchi light design Gianni Staropoli dramaturg Emanuela De Cecco visual support Isabella Mongelli

produced by Tenuta dello Scompiglio, project winner of the contest “Assemblaggi Provvisori”, with the promotion and the support of Anghiari Dance Hub, Sosta Palmizi and  Kilowatt tutto l’anno, Corsia Of Perugia

duration: 13 minutes


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