Sunday 30th October 5 PM

Teatro Out Off

Laterale #4:

Spazi, tempi, pratiche accessibili

Al.Di.Qua. Artists (Alternative Disability Quality Artists) is the first Italian professional union of disabled show business workers.It was founded in 2020 after a group of artists with different disabilities and working in different disciplines gathered to discuss and propose issues relating to accessibility in the show business.What happens if, when talking about disabilities, we shift the focus from a supposed “failure” of the body to accessibility (political, cultural, economic)?
The meeting with Al. Di. Qua. Artists is meant as a transformational practice aiming at overcoming the barrier of the norm to embrace a plurality of imaginative worlds made of bodies and spaces.
A speech halfway between a tale and a video projection, which will also see the presentation of the book Lost in translation – le disabilità in scena by the author Flavia Dalila D’Amico, a reconstruction of the stories produced by the encounter of disability and live show from the late 19th century to this date.

with Diana Anselmo and Flavia Dalila D’Amico
videoperformance Autoritratto in tre Atti by Diana Anselmo
video manifesto by Al.Di.Qua. Artists
director Claudio Gaetani

DURATION          75 minutes
TICKETS               5€

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