Sunday 23rd October 8.30 PM

Teatro Out Off

Muta Imago


Muta Imago explores the possibility of time travelling through sounds by weaving an acoustic tale which takes shape in the viewers’ mind. The voice – a presence produced by an articulation of intensity – creates worlds, hatches plots, generates visions, brings about changes bound to vanish when the breath dissolves. Ashes is an aleph of sounds streaming in parallel, a flow of overlapping moments that can be heard for a second. A concert for voices and live music, an immersive sound journey. A seamless sequence of events, back and forth, now, at the same time, neither before nor after. Short fragments of private lives, birthdays, festivals, deaths, falls, killings, animals, Christmas trees,dinosaurs, microbiology, geology, everything that goes by and doesn’t remain, but defines and gives life a specific meaning. The four performers talk, play, scream, fight, confess secrets, declare love, in a never-changing space, in a single point on earth just like millions of others, special and anodyne.

dramaturgy and direction Riccardo Fazi
with Marco Cavalcoli, Ivan Graziano, Monica Piseddu, Arianna Pozzoli
live original music Lorenzo Tomio
assistant Claudia Sorace
lights Maria Elena Fusacchia
administration and production Grazia Sgueglia, Silvia Parlani, Valentina Bertolino
executive production Index Muta Imago
supported by Mic e il sostegno di Azienda Speciale Palaexpo Mattatoio Progetto Prender-si cura

DURATION          50 minutes
TICKETS               12/10€

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