Wednesday 19th October 8.30 PM

Spazio Fattoria/Fabbrica del Vapore

Alessandra Cristiani

Corpus delicti – from Egon Schiele
1st stage

Alessandra Cristiani
Trilogy – the body issue and the art of E. Schiele, F. Bacon, A. Rodin

Alessandra Cristiani, dancer and choreographer, and fetish artist of the Habillé d’Eau company, epitomizes the concept of body as a house, a mysterious and fascinating place made of lights and shadows. Already featured in other editions of the Festival, she presents a trilogy inspired by three great artists: Egon Schiele, Francis Bacon and Auguste Rodin. This Trilogy investigates the value of corporeality in our time and the impact of physical bodies in performing arts by drawing inspiration from the works of these great artists, authors who dared to question and disrupt iconographic signs by following personal and intimate needs and desires.

Corpus delicti – da Egon Schiele
1st stage

I pursue a “displacement” which can lead to a different perception, feed the utopia of a new body language. These sign-bodies hint at something present, unveil a material aspect of presence, unspoken or wordless. Gazing them, one feels the immediate and vivid impression of being pushed by them, by a rear side at times brimful, pressed in its front so as to evoke archaic seals, and at times wide and calm, flooding the person, demarcating it. Bodies laid down forever, or suspended in a spasm, or held back by the glimpse of an insight, but never unarmed. Narrowed, filled up bodies, screaming out a surplus, escaping or conquering themselves in their lack of measure.
The golden proportion, the appeasing embellishment must blow up so that something can happen shamelessly, or exist irreducibly. The body and the body issue: spiritual matter, enigma, endless immensity. Being included and excluded at the same time. Living uncomfortably within oneself because one’s cartesian axes are no longer fathomable. The dignified, trivial, sacred, profane force of being just body, emanations of bodies. (Alessandra Cristiani)

project and performance Alessandra Cristiani
music and sound Gianluca Misiti
lights Gianni Staropoli
produced by PinDoc
co-produced by Teatro Akropolis
supported by Armunia/Festival Inequilibrio
in collaboration with Lios, Alfabeto performativo
with the contribution of MIC, Regione Siciliana

The show will be followed by a meeting held by Samantha Marenzi, researcher, performer, photographer, teacher.

DURATION           60 minutes
TICKETS                12/10€

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