Sunday 6th November 3.30 PM – 4.15 PM – 5 PM – 5.45 PM – 6.30 PM

Crazy Art (via Merano 18)

Ivan Carozzi + RadioVisione

Cosmo Domestico. La casa di Via Silvio Pellico. Visita all’appartamento di Gustavo Adolfo Rol

Sound immersion in the Crazy Art venues

Gustavo Adolfo Rol was a fascinating, mysterious and controversial figure, as well as spiritual master for many artists and famous personalities. He was acquainted with Einstein, Croce, Fermi, Picasso, Dalì, D’Annunzio, Cocteau, Krishnamurti, to name a few. He was a renowned clairvoyant among the political and aristocratic elites of all Europe, and the rulers of many countries used to seek his advice.
After his death, in 1995, Rol’s house furniture and effects – according to his will – were auctioned at Sotheby’s in Milan. Based on the list compiled by the auction house, Ivan Carozzi created and wrote a sound track that will be listened to by the audience on the headphones in the outstanding venues of Crazy Art.

created and written by Ivan Carozzi
edited by RadioVisione
production Teatro delle Moire / Danae Festival
thanks for cooperation to Stanze

DURATION           30 minutes
TICKETS                5€

Ivan Carozzi
Ivan Carozzi worked for TV and authored programmes such as «Le invasioni barbariche», «L’assedio», «Lessico amoroso» and «Dilemmi». He worked as editor-in-chief for the monthly comics and cultural magazine Linus, wrote the books «Figli delle stelle» (Baldini e Castoldi, 2014), «L’età della tigre» (Il Saggiatore, 2019) and «Fine lavoro mai» (Eris, 2022). He wrote for online and offline newspapers, and has a blog on Il Post. He also authored podcasts such as «Frigo», written with Nicola Porcelluzzi for Chora Media and dedicated to Frigidaire, the most creative, blasting and unpredictable Italian magazine.
RadioVisione is a podcast project, started on 4th November 2020 with the aim of producing experimental programmes questioning the present time through interviews, stories, tales, encounters with original experiences and people. Its staff is based in Milan and its current members are: Alessandra De Santis, Alessandra Licheri, Attilio Nicoli Cristiani, Antonella Spina, Barbara Piovella, Costantino Pirolo. RadioVisione welcomes collaborations with professionals in various artistic fields and in radio production.

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