Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd October from 11AM to 5PM
LachesiLAB – Via Porpora 43/47


LA BUCA / laboratorio con esito scenico


There is a hollow at the centre of the Earth, a pit connecting the world of the living to that of the dead, a hole that calls, attracts, makes us lend an ear on the edge of the ravine, contemplate the dark well of time. But the hollow also suggests an escape route, a passage to a possible elsewhere.
Starting from the image of the hollow, DOM- dives into a research path putting together philosophical and scenic research, thought practices and performing practices, in a constant search for places in the urban scenery capable of embodying tension.
In this workshop, specially devised for the city of Milan, the DOM- collective pursues its investigation on the concepts of garden, on reclusion areas and post-industrial roaming.
The bottom of the hollow reflects the fear and depression that humankind has sunk into, the control of bodies that gains ground and takes hold of the public space at a dizzy speed. At the same time, different visions pour out of it: stories of fight and resistance, human bodies feeling desires, multispecies communities, bodies crossed with other life forms, humans-plants, humans-insects, humans-minerals, and wild gardens breaking fences. In the hollow everything mixes up and contaminates, sinks into and pours out. Theatre, rite, and choreography make an attempt to give this matter a spatial and rhythmic arrangement.

The workshop is free and addressed to theatre/dance professionals.
Limited places, applications before 8th October /// 338 813 9995

DOM- is a research project started in 2013 by the artists Leonardo Delogu and Valerio Sirna.
Their research focuses on the relationship between bodies and territories, examining the issue of permeability and the interactions of power, nature, culture and marginality with the public space.

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