Thursday 3rd 8.30 PM

Spazio Fattoria/Fabbrica del Vapore

Jennifer rosa/Francesca Foscarini

Hit me!

Danae Festival welcomes back the dancer and choreographer Francesca Foscarini (Mas Danza 2012, Premio Equilibrio 2013, Dancer of the year of the contemporary scene 2015, Premio Danza&Danza 2018), who in her career worked with Yasmeen Godder, Alessandro Sciarroni, Marco D’Agostin. Hit me! is the result of her collaboration with the artistic collective Jennifer rosa, a multi-disciplinary group performing in Italy and abroad since 2005. This performance was created starting from a playlist of songs strongly related to the performer’s biography: the top hits on her birthday, in chronological order from her birth year to this day. These songs, listened to and danced by everybody, signs of the times, go after her one by one: songs she didn’t choose but are linked to her, are all over her, a life marathon that makes her plunge into an ever-changing improvisation.

concept and direction Chiara Bortoli, Francesca Raineri/Jennifer rosa
performer Francesca Foscarini
at the console Chiara Bortoli
technical assistance Fiorenzo Canzanco
produced by Jennifer rosa Associazione Culturale Van
supported by Festival Danza InRete/TCV Vicenza Voll, Vicenza

DURATION           50 minutes
TICKETS                12/10€

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