Saturday 5th November 6 PM

Spazio Fattoria/Fabbrica del Vapore

Paolo Giorgio

Indipendenze: la scena sommersa come incubatore di futuro

A talk with Sara Chiappori, journalist and theatre critic

Danae Festival tries to spark off experimental dialogue patterns based on the book Fuoriscena – Teatro indipendente a Milano by Paolo Giorgio, director and professor, founder of the theatre research collective Circolo Bergman. By mingling the artists’ voices, this book depicts a portrayal of more than twenty years in the Milanese theatre scene. Indipendenze is a chance for an encounter, starting from those voices to intercept and re-sound other voices: those of the new artists emerging on the scene and those of the viewers. What is the best community for the theatre scene to relate to? Which new qualities should theatre cultivate to preserve its nature of both timeless and contemporary art? A plunge into the sonic matter, the thoughts of the artists interviewed during the making of the book, is then followed by an open discussion with the aim of getting to know each other and talking about the future. A first moment of shared reflections in order to try and understand what we want to ask from the theatre of tomorrow.

DURATION: 80 minutes
ADMISSION: free (reservation recommended)

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