Saturday 22nd October 6PM

Teatro Out Off

Laterale #2: OKKO

Impossibile, è solo una parola (Impossible, it’s just a word)

Associazione OKKO presents a project which is also centred on a house, meant both as a cultural venue and as a life plan. Looked after by Milena Costanzo, actress and director, Simona Costanzo, visual artist, Andrea Montecchini, builder, craftsman and inventor, and Alessio Gennari, botanist who grows old and traditional varieties of vegetables strictly complying with biodiversity (Terre di San Secondo), OKKO is above all a house open to exchanges and experiences, in a time when people are more and more locked in isolations of the body and the mind. The people animating it have turned their passions and professions into chances of sharing art, craftsmanship, agriculture and biodiversity. The words “culture” and “coltivation” share the same root, so at OKKO we deal with plants and people respecting their diversity. What is to be told? What was always there and seems now forgotten. The relationship among people, the respect for ourselves and our earth more and more demanding a different kind of care.

by and with Milena Costanzo, Simona Costanzo, Alessio Gennari, Andrea Montecchini

DURATA            60 minutes
TICKETS            5€

Simona Costanzo
She enjoyed an unexpected popularity in 1990’s Japan thanks to her Esserini, little creatures very popular also in Italy, until their mother decided to put them aside and dedicate her creative art to real children and teenagers in fabulous workshops. She paints and makes books and art objects. She founded OKKO whose doors are open to any kind of creative exchanges with like-minded personalities.
Andrea Montecchini
After many years spent in live-show staging and other experiences, he now takes care of effects and furniture he recovers, restores and modifies to make
them unique. He can fix and build virtually everything, from furnishings to actual houses. Master of archery, he is an inexhaustible fixture of OKKO in charge of unsolvable tasks.
Alessio Gennari
He got rid of his friggin’ job as electrician and studied Natural Sciences, and his research in botany led him to become a leading figure in biodiversity. In his field he grows more than 700 species of rare vegetables. Founder of Manna Organic with Harald Gasser, he works with some of the most famous starry chefs, he teaches and divides his time between Emilia, Romagna and Alto Adige.

Milena Costanzo
She worked with several directors active in the late 1990s. She taught and pursued various studies. She founded her own company and dedicated nearly seven years to a project named “Trilogy of reason”. Her path became rough, and the women poets and philosophers she has studied in the last few years prompted her to find a different place where her theatre practice can develop in the most unexpected ways

Laterale: paths, practices, stories between art and life, language innovations
Section created in 2018 where we invite artists to present projects not in the form of actual plays but either dealing with practices, study, thoughts, obsessions, or talking about unique life experiences related to arts. Projects not shown elsewhere, whose realization the Festival follows closely. This section wants to offer meditations on the present time through different ways of being on stage, in the attempt to imagine new forms of dialogue with the audience, to reconnect the cultural and artistic dimensions to their inherent political content


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