Tuesday 18th October 8.30 PM

Teatro Out Off

Ola Maciejewska

Loïe Fuller: Research

Ola Maciejewska, Polish-born choreographer and dancer now living in Paris, performed its plays indifferent countries (Switzerland, Spain, Canada, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands) and in renowned venues such as the Centre Pompidou within the Festival d’Automne in Paris, the Lyon Dance Biennale, the National Taichung Theatre in Taiwan. In 2019 she was granted the «International Tanzmesse NRW» scholarship to study Rolf Borzik’s scenographic work at the Pina BauschFoundation Archives. In Loïe Fuller: Research Maciejewska critically appropriates the “DancingDress”, the scenographic dress invented by Loïe Fuller, one of the pioneers of American modern dance, in a playful shape-shifting display that brings to mind the relationship between “sculpture”and “sculptor”.It is a physical practice stimulating the movement of matter receiving form, a movement that emerges as a result of the relationship between the human body and the “DancingDress”. The focus of the exercise is not on strengthening the impulse to live a physical relationship with things, but on facilitating forms that make that relationship visible.

devise and performance Ola Maciejewska
design Dance Construction Jolanta Maciejewska
production and administration Caroline Redy
produced by So we might as well dance
commissioned by TENT Rotterdam/ NL
supported by Zeebelt Theatre/ NL
thanks to Judith Schoneveld

DURATION          40 minutes
TICKETS               12/10€

The show will be followed by a meeting held by Francesca Pedroni, journalist, dance critic and film-maker.

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