MON 9th and TUE 10th NOV 10 pm – Urban spaces




Coming into being stages some listening exercises created by Davide Tidoni in the last few years. Through specific actions, the performers are asked to investigate the sound/silence relation, the interdependence between touch and sound reaction, and the body’s ability to filter and modulate the sound diffused in a space.
Starting from the physical observation of the sound behaviour and its interaction with the bodies, this play reflects on the active role of listeners and their capacity of affecting and interfering with the acoustic field, meant as a model of relational knowledge and reciprocal influence. This project was made with the participation of Elisabetta Consonni, Simone Evangelisti and Francesco Michele Laterza, new generation artists of the contemporary scene.

by Davide Tidoni, with Elisabetta Consonni, Simone Evangelisti and Francesco Michele Laterza

Davide Tidoni is an artist and researcher. His interest focuses on the relational dimension of listening and the physical experience of sound. His works range over formats, from live performances to audio recordings, videos and guided listenings. He published a sound ethnography on the football ultras group BRESCIA 1911 (The Sound of Normalisation, Oxford Brookes University).


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