Tuesday 12th October
8:30PM – Teatro Out Off




“Thought is a sculpture” declared the famous artist Joseph Beuys, who also stated that every human being is an artist. Starting from this inspiration, Boris Kadin created a project divided in two parts: the first one, Il pensiero è una scultura (Thought is a sculpture), is a performance where the artist, embodying a deity or a high priest, and using a made up language, tells a tale between history and mythology on the creation of the world and the birth of humanity; the second one, 1000 lettere, is based on an artistic action that took place in Milan last summer prompted by the need to establish a connection with a certain number of citizens, to whom Boris himself delivered a letter of his own dealing with personal and universal issues. A letter from a performer to ordinary citizens, who had the chance to answer and, with their answers, participate in the performance. Both parts of the project aim to find a point uniting everyone or, if such a point doesn’t exist, try to reinvent it.

duration: 50 minutes
tickets: 16€ / 12€ 

concept, performance Boris Kadin mask Igor Oliverich video NASA archive music Arcangelo Corelli / 12 concerti grossi, op.6 video and audio editing Boris Kadin with the support of IntercettAzioni – Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia (un progetto di Circuito CLAPS e Teatro delle Moire, Industria Scenica, Milano Musica, ZONA K) thanks to ARL, Dubrovnik 

Boris Kadin is a Croatian-born and internationally active artist whose projects – plays, media art, and films – often feature a radical questioning of his role of performer. Thanks to his education in history and philosophy, Kadin’s works can generate different and never univocal meanings, where space becomes time, language becomes image. Kadin performed in many international festivals in Marseille, New York, Athens, Barcelona, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Prague and many others. His projects often involve communities and are devised for non theatrical venues.

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