Tuesday 19th October
8:30PM – Teatro Out Off



Consonni - 1
Consonni - 2

And the colored girls say: doo da doo da doo da doo (from Walking on the wild side by Lou Reed) is a praise to marginality. A concert of voices with no say, secondary voices, extras and backgrounds, a show with no stars. It’s the blank around the written words. It’s everything that lays beyond borderlines and is now allowed into the shining area of the limelights. It takes a careful attention to spot the secondary voices in a song, or to notice the background and all that surrounds an object placed in the centre. We must activate what the architect Juhani Pallasmaa calls the peripheral vision, opposed to the dominant perspective giving power and importance uniquely to the centre. This peripheral vision allows to notice what lingers on the borders, where persists what the philosopher Zaoui calls discretion or the art of disappearing, a much needed form of resistance in a society based on spectacularity.

devised and choreographed by Elisabetta Consonni performers Daniele Pennati, Susannah Iheme/Masako Matsushita, Elisabetta Consonni assistant choreographer Francesco Dalmasso vocal coach Chiara Osella rhythms and sounds Fabrizio Saiu costumes Indetail_Lucia Sandrini light design Irene Innocenti/Maria Virzì produced by Teatro Grande di Brescia, Aiep-Ariella Vidach with the support of Ilinx, theWorkRoom-Fattoria Vittadini

Duration: 45 minutes
Tickets: 16€ / 12€ 

Elisabetta Consonni. Artist and choreographer, a degree in Communication with a thesis on the social construction of the body in the dance, and a diploma from The Place-London, she pursued her research on performing art living in the Netherlands (2004-2009) and Poland (2013-2015). Her works for conventional venues aim to expand the choreographic practice by developing performing devices that embody social issues. Her social and civic militancy becomes an art form in her research called Ergonomica, which since 2013 has been investigating the use and the social meaning of public spaces as well as the deployment of choreographic skills with marginalized groups. She was invited to carry out performing acts, participatory processes and theoretic symposia at Konfrontatje Teatralne (PL), Centrum Kultury Lublin (PL), Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (NL), Biennale Danza di Venezia (IT), Cango (IT), Pergine Festival (IT), Zona K (IT), Indisciplinarte Terni (IT), Prague Quadriennale (CZ), Orlando (IT).

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