Saturday 22nd October 8.30 PM

Spazio Fattoria/Fabbrica del Vapore

Alessandra Cristiani

Naturans – from Auguste Rodin
3rd stage

Alessandra Cristiani
Trilogy – the body issue and the art of E. Schiele, F. Bacon, A. Rodin

Alessandra Cristiani, dancer and choreographer, and fetish artist of the Habillé d’Eau company,epitomizes the concept of body as a house, a mysterious and fascinating place made of lights and shadows. Already featured in other editions of the Festival, she presents a trilogy inspired by three great artists: Egon Schiele, Francis Bacon and Auguste Rodin. This Trilogy investigates the value of corporeality in our time and the impact of physical bodies in performing arts by drawing inspiration from the works of these great artists, authors who dared to question and disrupt iconographic signs by following personal and intimate needs and desires.

Naturans – from Auguste Rodin
3rd stage

The title Naturans is a tactile approach to the sculptor’s works. This play is mainly inspired by a wide collection of erotic drawings known as Rodin’s “secret museum”, by the Dance Movements, plaster and terracotta sculptures exploring the anatomy of the new movements in the 20th century dance, and by the sentence “nature is the naked body”. The female naked body in its spontaneity is the way to fathom new forms of representation and perception. Some drawings and sculptures, chosen because of their evocative power, acted as creative tools on stage, images of dance, Haiku to be explored using the Butō Blanc method created by the Japanese dancer Masaki Iwana. A body dramaturgy to evoke the Nikutai, the body as a dwelling, a lap in which to lie and perceive a profound identity. (Alessandra Cristiani)

concept and performance Alessandra Cristiani
lights Gianni Staropoli
sound Ivan Macera
images Samantha Marenzi and Alberto Canu
produced by PinDoc
co-produced by Teatro delle Moire/Danae Festival
supported by Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo, Armunia Festival Inequilibrio, Vera Stasi. Progetti per la scena
in collaboration with l’Associazione Culturale Le Decadi
with the contribution of MIC e Regione Siciliana

DURATION         50 minutes
TICKETS              12/10€