Friday 21st October 8.30 PM

Spazio Fattoria/Fabbrica del Vapore

Alessandra Cristiani

Nucleo – from Francis Bacon
2nd stage

Alessandra Cristiani
Trilogy – the body issue and the art of E. Schiele, F. Bacon, A. Rodin

Alessandra Cristiani, dancer and choreographer, and fetish artist of the Habillé d’Eau company, epitomizes the concept of body as a house, a mysterious and fascinating place made of lights and shadows. Already featured in other editions of the Festival, she presents a trilogy inspired by three great artists: Egon Schiele, Francis Bacon and Auguste Rodin. This Trilogy investigates the value of corporeality in our time and the impact of physical bodies in performing arts by drawing inspiration from the works of these great artists, authors who dared to question and disrupt iconographic signs by following personal and intimate needs and desires.

Nucleo – from Francis Bacon
2nd stage

Which body do we fear? Do we still have faith in our body when this faith doesn’t match our degree of control, manipulation, deviation? A carnal intuition could be the way to face an invisible and material phenomenology which finds its way among muscles, nerves, bones, emotional flows, to blossom each time into delicate, organic alterations. The body exists as an alarm, imperceptibly surviving its inner universe. And that body with its obscure realm is the evidence that there are no words, imaginative constructions nor tangible realities which can grasp it as it is, in its directions, in its enigmatic becoming. Frailty and mystery are the only chasms that can attempt to approach it. (Alessandra Cristiani)

concept and performance Alessandra Cristiani
music and sound Claudio Moneta, Iva Bittova
lights Gianni Staropoli
polaroid photos (Fuji Film snapshots) Samantha Marenzi
stage photos Alberto Canu
produced by PinDoc
co-produced by Teatro Akropolis, Triangolo Scaleno Teatro
supported by Armunia Festival Inequilibrio
in collaboration with Lios, Alfabeto performativo
with the contribution of MIC, Regione Siciliana

DURATION           45 minutes
TICKETS                12/10€

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