SAT 24nd OCT 3 pm and 5 pm – PIAZZALE BACONE


LUCI D'EMERGENZA performance

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Luci di Emergenza (Emergency Lights) is a participative project addressed to migrants and based on a wide and inclusive idea of “migration” far from the stereotypes often related to this phenomenon, known to mankind from time immemorial. What does leaving one’s country mean? And how does the encounter with a different culture change ourselves and our perception of the Other? This urban performance is the result of a few days’ workshop held by Effetto Larsen with the local migrant community, and through its sensitive and intimate approach it questions the audience on such issues. The work is part of a bigger international project, funded by Erasmus+, whose Italian session was created and directed by Effetto Larsen, and inspired by L’enciclopedia dei migranti, an artistic reworking of 400 migrants’ real life stories. Its goal is to achieve an artistic expression urging citizens, policy officials and communities to collectively reflect on the need to “un-label” and acknowledge the value of the multicultural societies we live in.

creation and European coordination L’âge de la tortue in collaboration with CIFAS, International Centre for Training in the Performing Arts (BE), Eurocities (BE), Les Tombées de la Nuit (FR) Université Rennes 2 (FR), TOPIK – Collectif de recherche et d’intervention en Sciences Humaines et sociales (FR), Musée national de l’histoire de l’immigration (FR), Art&Coop (ES), Culture Department of the City of Barcelona, Agenda 21 for Culture – Office of Catalunya (ES), NGO Ariadna (ES), NGO Renovar a mouraria (PT), Culture Department of the City of Lisbon (PT), University of Galatasaray (TR), lnstitut Français in Istanbul (TR) and Effetto Larsen (IT) creation and Italian coordination Effetto Larsen artistic direction Matteo Lanfranchi assistant to artistic direction Beatrice Cevolani sound design Roberto Rettura administration Isadora Bigazzi, Vittoria Eugenia Lombardi in collaboration with Associazione I Baconiani, Non Riservato and Cooperativa Sociale PoP

Effetto Larsen was created in 2007 by the actor and director Matteo Lanfranchi, founder and artistic director of the company. Its focus has always been a very original research on human relationships, on the broadening of perspectives and the interaction with different arts and disciplines. Since 2015 it has been part of the European network In Situ, dedicated to art in public spaces.

Saturday 25th October from 11 am to 5 pm – LachesiLAB
Luci di Emergenza round table
A meeting with the artists involved in Luci di Emergenza and with citizens and experts for a collective talk about the complex and dynamic issue of contemporary migrations.

Booking required
Limited seats


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