SAT 31st OCT 4 pm – Arco della Pace, Piazza Sempione


BAMBOO KABOOM pezzi elementari per l'incendio del Tempio

Bamboo Kaboom_0
Bamboo Kaboom
Bamboo Kaboom_2
Bamboo Kaboom_3

BAMBOO KABOOM pezzi elementari per l’incendio del Tempio (elementary pieces to set the Temple on fire) is a performance especially created for Danae Festival and based on the adaptation of a traditional celebratory firecracker: the “Meriam Bambu”. Exotic and mostly unknown to Western audiences, the famous “Bamboo cannon” is an explosive and noise-making device used in many popular and religious festivals and, in the 1990s, very common in rural areas of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines as a handmade illegal toy.
The performance features a modified version of this instrument as well as an arsenal of supporting sound devices used to generate actions, sound and light in response to the physical presence and movements of the dancemaker Cristina Kristal Rizzo.
BAMBOO KABOOM pezzi elementari per l’incendio del Tempio is the first performing effect following the publication of Lily Star, an artistic book including a selection of edited texts, anthropological observations, anecdotes, fake names and fragments of words gathered and assembled by Enrico Malatesta during his years as a firework seller.

made by and with Enrico Malatesta in collaboration with Cristina Kristal Rizzo clothes Canedicoda graphics Giulia Polenta
exclusively for Danae Festival

Enrico Malatesta is a percussionist whose research ranges over music, performance and education; his practice explores the relations among sound, space and movement with a special attention to the listening modes, the vitality of surfaces and the polyrhythm, meant as a definition of multiple information obtained through an ecological and sustainable approach to the percussion instrument. Since 2010, he has been carrying out a fieldwork to study the dialectic, social and spectacular implications of pyrotechnics and fireworks.

Cristina Kristal Rizzo, dancemaker, has been part of the Italian contemporary dance scene since the early 1990s. Based in Florence, she studied in New York at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, attended Merce Cunningham’s and Trisha Brown’s ateliers. In Italy, she worked with various artistic collectives such as Teatro Valdoca, Roberto Castello, Stoa/Claudia Castellucci, MK, Virgilio Sieni Danza, Santasangre. She was one of the founders and leading figures of Kinkaleri, a company active on the international contemporary scene and awarded several prizes. Since 2008, she has been pursuing her own individual choreographic research.

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