Thursday 20th October 8.30 PM

Teatro Out Off

compagnia tardito/rendina


The figure portrayed by Federica Tardito of the compagnia tardito/rendina moves about a house which is also a place of the soul. A journey from the point of view of Sonya through the pages of the play Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov. The world evoked on stage is the world of a woman with her delicate and gentle emotions, and a unrequited love. The character seems on the verge of uttering words, but then shies away to approach an inner dimension and voice the invisible.

I was touched by Sonja’s character, as if this female soul sounded deep inside of me, a strange feeling of amazement and closeness. With remarkable and tragicomic bravery I took my first steps towards her and her failed desires. Pushed by a desire for levity, I glimpsed a very feeble and uncertain thread, poising between a longing for the sublime and its inevitable fall. (Federica Tardito)

by and with Federica Tardito
creative assistance Aldo Rendina
light design Lucia Manghi
sound environment Aldo Rendina
musical advice Michele Anelli
projected image Pietro Bologna
costumes Monica Di Pasqua
produced by compagnia tardito/rendina
co-produced by Sosta Palmizi and Arbalete
supported by Europa Teatri, Compagnia Zerogrammi and Arte in Movimento
Project winner of the 2020 AiR-Artisti in Residenza programme of Lavanderia a Vapore

DURATION         50 minutes
TICKETS              12/10€

The play will be followed by a meeting held by Alessandro Pontremoli, Professor of Performing Arts at the Università degli Studi di Torino.

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