Saturday 29th October 5 PM


Lin Chi-Wei

Talking Knots

Taiwanese artist living in Paris, experimenter and creator of collective projects dealing with orality. Lin Chi-Wei studied French literature and cultural anthropology, and also specialised in media art. He published several essays, among which Sound Machine and the Modernity of Hearing, where he analysed the aesthetic conditions of sound and art in Eastern Asia’s post-colonial world. His works were exposed and presented at the Biennale di Venezia, the Biennale in Shanghai and theTate Modern.Lin Chi-Wei presents one of a number of performances or “models” involving either the audience or a group of selected people, prompted by the artist to vocalize a series of signs. In Talking Knots a knotted rope is passed from hand to hand. Each knot corresponds to a sound to be uttered by each of the participants, in an improvised and real-time collective interaction that creates a unpredictable mystic bourdon.

participatory project by Lin Chi-Wei
with Lin Chi-Wei and the audience/workshop participants

5 PM ws + 6 PM performance
DURATION  90 minutes (60′ ws + 30′ performance)
TICKETS        12/10€

6 PM performance
DURATION  30 minutes
TICKETS       5€

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