Sunday 23rd October 5 PM


Laterale #3: Triangolo Scaleno Teatro + Teatringestazione + Teatro delle Moire + Giulio Sonno


Who do we choose to build a house with? What shape does the house take? But most of all how do we take care of the house? Thanks to the mediation of Giulio Sonno, dramaturg and artistic consultant, we started a shared practice of weaving political-poetical images and critical debates about the flaws of the theatre scene with two artistic and curatorial institutions: the festival Teatri di Vetro by Teatro Scaleno in Rome and Altofest by Teatringestazione in Naples. We are trying to bring this issue outwards in a shared need of transformation, of going beyond convention, because it doesn’t love us any more. Because it builds barriers, distances, alienation.We bring ourselves “into play” in a circle with the audience, free to act or just watch. And we will create a map of words, signs, cuttings in a collective “collage”, with the help of the visual artist Ilaria Garzillo. We will all be acting together to invent, all gathered to explore. The house is to be built together.We come close, reduce distances, with our attempts and failures, in front a white sheet waiting to be composed.
(Danae Festival/Teatro delle Moire)

with Giulio Sonno, Anna Gesualdi and Giovanni Trono – Teatringestazione/Altofest, Roberta Nicolai – Triangolo Scaleno Teatro/Festival Teatri di Vetro, Alessandra De Santis and Attilio Nicoli Cristiani – Teatro delle Moire/Danae Festival
visual thinking Ilaria Garzillo

DURATION            60 minutes
TICKETS                 5€

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