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Alcune coreografie

In his new work Alcune Coreografie (Some Choreographies) Jacopo Jenna, talented choreographer whose work relies upon a sophisticated linguistic research, puts the dancer Ramona Caia into dialogue with a precious video collection of different styles of dance, edited and reworked. The choreography is based upon the mimesis of many fragments put together in a fast sequence and picked up from the history of dance and performance – as told by the cinema and the Internet – in a search for a sensitive kinetic matter. The dancer embodies, transforms, connects and gives shape to the portrayed body, fathoms its dynamics, its freedom and linguistic immediacy beyond any preferred perspectives, uproots it from imagination in the performance of a precise choregraphy.
In the second part, an original video by the artist Roberto Fassone shows a sequence of visual choreographies, a symbolic landscape with no human traces and yet looking for a relationship with the body on stage, and reflecting on the intangible matter that dance is made of.

concept, direction and video choreography by Jacopo Jenna collaboration and dance by Ramona Caia collaboration and video by Roberto Fassone original score Francesco Casciaro light design Mattia Bagnoli costume Eva di Franco administration Luisa Zuffo produced by KLm – Kinkaleri co-produced by Centrale Fies with the support of Azienda Speciale Palaexpo – Mattatoio | Progetto PrendersiCura

Jacopo Jenna is a choreographer, performer and film-maker. His research centres on the perception of dance and choreography as a practice extended to the different performing contexts where the body can fit according to its movement. After a degree in Sociology, he studied dance at the Codarts (Rotterdam Dance Academy). He is an educator working with people of various ages and on new strategies of interaction with the performing arts. In Europe, he worked with repertory companies, on choreographic research projects and with several artists including Jacopo Miliani, Caterina Barbieri, Roberto Fassone, Ramona Caia, Bassam Abou Diab. His work is produced and supported by spazioK/Kinkaleri. He presented his projects at the major festivals and institutes of the contemporary scene and arts.

Ramona Caia is a dancer and choreographer. After studying classical dance (Accademia nazionale di danza di Roma and Rudra Atelier Béjart Lausanne), she worked in the most famous Italian theatres. She collaborated with choreographers such as Karole Armitage, Virgilio Sieni and visual artists such as Daniela De Lorenzo. In 2012 she founded CANI – gruppo di ricerca coreografica – with Giulia Mureddu and Jacopo Jenna.

Roberto Fassone is a visual artist and performer. His work focuses on hidden structures, surrealist games, weird stories, fluky coincidences, subtle transformations and the Minneapolis funk. He has recently exposed and performed his work in some of the leading Italian and international visual arts venues.

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