Open Latitudes

Danae Festival is a partner of the European network Open Latitudes (3), a project supported by the the European Union programme for culture, aimed at producing, distributing and promoting the knowledge of hybrid and transdisciplinary performing arts.

Along with Danae Festival (IT), other network members are Latitudes Contemporaines (FR), Vooruit Kunstencentrum (BE), Cialo Umysl Foundation (PL), Sin Arts and Culture (HU), Le Phénix, scène nationale di Valenciennes (FR), Materiais Diversos (PT).

Associated partners: L’Arsenic (CH) and MIR Festival (GR).

The project mission is to distribute, support and promote shows and artists who investigate the contamination of genres and the use of new codes, in a constant research within the field of performing arts.

Original and characterizing activity of the Open Latitudes project was the commissioning and the making of two special projects, programmed in each of the network’s locations: both projects share the same socially relevant theme as well as the residency-based and participatory approach to creation, with the involvement of non-professional performers.

These projects are Atlas by Ana Borralho e João Galante  (years 2013-2014) and Family Affair by ZimmerFrei (years 2015-2016) –

Finally, in these 4 years Open Latitudes has co-produced 29 new plays, chosen among the various proposals put forward by the partners. In detail:


Web of Trust, Edit Kaldor (Nederland)

Jungle, Machaz/Holzinger (Switzerland)

The ox, Csaba Molnar (Hungary)

N.H. (New Horizons), Francesco Marilungo (Italy)

Spies, Filipa Francisco (Portugal)

Learning impossibile, Kate MacIntosh (United Kingdom)

Arret sur l’image, Giota Kallimanis (Grece)


Don’t Judge, Nic Lloyd (Switzerland)

Transforming Me, Medie Megas (Grece)

Washing machine, Achilleas Hariskos (Grece)

Samedi Detente, Dorothée Munyaneza (France)

Notre danse, Mylène Benoît (France)

Satélites, Vítor Roriz et Sofia Dias (Portugal)

Functions, Effetto Larsen (Italy)

A room and a view, Gáspár Téri (Hungary)

This is musical, Karol Tymiński (Poland)


New creation, Lander Patrick and Volmir Caodeiro (Portugal)

Dragging the bone, Miet Warlop (Belgium)

Daisy, Stereo Act (Hungary)

The Paradox of the future in the occidental paradigm, Fingersix (Grece)

I am here, I have a gun, Garten (Italy)

New creation, Anna Godowska (Poland)

Frou Frou, Marie – Caroline Hominal (Switzerland) _ Vidéo


Méduses, Vincent Glowinski (Belgium) _ Vidéo

Air, Vincent Dupont (France) _ Vidéo

Bodies in the Cellar, Vincent Thomasset (France) _ Vidéo

The Spy Or a Man Listened, Grzegorrz Laszuk and Michal Libera (Poland)

There is an elephant in every room, Lazlo Fülöp (Hungary)

Domino, Argyro Chioti/Vasistas (Grece) _ Vidéo

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union


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