lancio 2015

The Danae Festival is an international and multidisciplinary project overseen by the Teatro delle Moire to support and promote the new artistic experiences of the contemporary scene. Established in Milan in 1999, it promotes artists involved in and working with different genres: theatre, dance and the performing arts.

Danae is a vision, a research laboratory, a determined and ongoing effort, a home where theatre companies can create; it offers support to Italian and foreign productions, and cares about the audience and artists alike.

Brilliantly “out of place”, it has invaded squares, streets, shop windows, art spaces, workshops and industrial buildings. Danae is constantly involved in scouting, as an antenna attentive to artists and ideas not only from the European Union, but also areas such as Israel, South Africa, North Africa, Ecuador, Japan and the United States: without Danae, these projects would never have arrived in Milan or Italy.

In its history spanning sixteen years, the Danae Festival has staged 220 shows for 320 repeat performances; it has hosted more than 680 Italian and foreign artists; it has inhabited 40 venues in the city; it has involved over 200 collaborators and at least 40,000 spectators.

This is a vocation that has thus been cultivated and developed over the years and that, with your help, can bring even more value and beauty to the festival.

The programme we have envisaged to stage for Danae 2015 is full of new ideas. In fact, starting this year we are also staging innovative musical projects, including collaborations with Alessandro Bosetti, Camilla Barbarito and AGON/Giorgio Sancristoforo. We will also host a great star from Belgium, Miet Warlop, and we’ll see the return of the sensational and eccentric American artist Zachary Oberzan. But there will also be numerous young choreographers with a powerful authorial penchant, such as Marco D’Agostin and Annamaria Ajmone, as well as more experienced choreographers such as Marina Giovannini and Luisa Cortesi. CollettivO CineticO will be back, along with an exceptional but self-effacing artist like Alessandro Bedosti, and Milena Costanzo, Effetto Larsen, Scarlattine Teatro, David Weber and Medie Megas will also be here.

But in order to stage this year’s festival, the time has come for you to do your part. The Danae Festival is setting up its first crowdfunding initiative, through which we hope to collect 10,000 euros that can supplement our budget.

With your contribution, big or small, we can finance some of the expenses to produce and organize the event, but above all we will be able to further stimulate – with greater scope – your tastes, your imagination and your vision, and reinforce our mission as an international festival devoted to the new languages of the performing arts.

We are asking our audience, without which the festival couldn’t exist, to demonstrate your affection and esteem, which is also a request to restore the meaning of what we do. We are asking the public, friends, supporters and those who recognize the value of Danae to help by making a donation.

The Danae Festival is valuable! Support us and contribute with your donation!