Who we are

Danae Festival is a project by Teatro delle Moire

Danae Festival is a daring, cross-border, international and multi-disciplined project started in Milan in 1999 to support and feature “hybrid-language” plays from the contemporary scene. Passionately curated by Teatro delle Moire, and aiming at giving visibility to new artistic experiences, it nurtures a nomadic attitude which, since its first editions, has brought its plays out of theatre venues to occupy new spaces by promoting performances set in urban contexts, thus creating really extra-ordinary events.

Danae Festival also keeps an eye on the less visible, the most radical experiences, on emerging artists, carrying out an important scouting activity which also implies exchanges and learning opportunites with masters.

The work on the Festival is completed by projects supporting artistic productions and research through residencies and tutoring. In 2018, Danae Festival created Laterale, a new section where artists are invited to present projects not in the form of actual plays, but either sharing paths, study, thoughts, or talking about unique life experiences related to arts. These are projects especially devised for the Festival, whose creation it closely follows. The goal of this section is to offer meditations on the present time, to explore new ways of being on stage, in the attempt to trigger a dialogue and an exchange with the audience, and to reconnect the cultural and artistic dimensions to their inherent political content.
In 2009 Danae Festival was awarded the Premio Hystrio – Provincia di Milano.


artistic direction Teatro delle Moire – Alessandra De Santis e Attilio Nicoli Cristiani
organization Barbara Rivoltella
production and communication Anna Bollini

For the 2023 they collaborate:
project mediator Giulio Sonno
technical direction Mario Loprevite
promotion Lucia Piemontesi
social media Ippolita Aprile
welcome companies Mariagiovanna Frigerio
organizational collaboration Amanda Rodolfi
administration Davide Verazzani
photo Michela Di Savino
web master Mattia Pirini
web design Germana Soldano and Giorgia Maretta
distribution Giorgio Berio
text translation Corrado Piazzetta
image and graphics Marco Smacchia
press office Renata Viola:+39 348 5532502; violarenata67@gmail.com

thanks to

Thanks to the councilors and presidents of the Danae Festival supporting bodies and the relevant offices; Mino Bertoldo and the staff of the Out Off Theater; Fattoria Vittadini and its staff; Valentina Kastlunger, Valentina Picariello and the ZONA K staff; Tatiana Olear, Marinella Guatterini and the staff of the Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi, Patrizia Brusarosco and the staff of Viafarini; Philippe Bischof, Felizitas Ammann and Yann Aubert of ProHelvetia, Joëlle Comé, Gioia Dal Molin, Claudia Buraschi and all the staff of the Swiss Institute, Luisa Cuttini of Circuito CLAPS and all the partners of IntercettAzioni – Lombardy Artistic Residency Centre, CollaborAction Award #6, action by the Anticorpi XL Network to support authorial dance; all partners of the Dance Card network; Vincenzo Sardelli, Bruno Bianchini and the Krapp’s Last Post staff; Piersandra Di Matteo, Francesca Pedroni, Alessandro Pontremoli, Stefano Tomassini; Rosita Volani and Olinda Onlus; Luca Monti; and thanks to the artists of the festival, to those who collaborated, to friends.

partners e supporters

With the support of
MiC Ministero della Cultura – D. G. Spettacolo
Soggetto di rilevanza regionale
Regione Lombardia

With the patronage of
Comune di Milano
Fondazione Cariplo 
With the support of
Pro Helvetia
Istituto Svizzero

Residenza artistica
IntercettAzioni Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia