section of the festival dedicated to training

This year, EXTRADANAE intertwines with Scholé, a new monthly educational project devised by Teatro delle Moire with a number of proposals focused on the study of the body, and Radical Dance, focus on the Swiss contemporary female scene, bringing two workshops by two radical artists: Silvia Rampelli and Yasmine Hugonnet.

Sat 14.10 from 15 to 19
Sun 15.10 from 10 to 14

LachesiLAB, Via Porpora 43/47


Dinamiche dell'atto

A recurring presence of the Festival, choreographer Silvia Rampelli is active both as creator and as theorist and educator. In 2002 she founded Habillé d’eau, an independent performing research project.This workshop is aimed at the practice of the essential issues–matter, time, space–as well as on the analysis of the actualization processes. A work on the body, on the perception of the body in action, not focused on mastering a technique but on opening, on the specific state of unfolding that can be called dance or existence. Its tools are exercise and observation. This elementary and concrete questioning reverberates central issues of the stage practice

from 23 to 26.10 h 10-12am and 2-5pm

workshop with students of Civica Scuola Paolo Grassi


Empathic Chamber #0.3

Yasmine Hugonnet presents her workshop Empathic Chamber #0.3 which aims at the creation of a new practice. It focuses on the composition of two distinct figures: a person venturing into the realm of gestures to generate the motion, and another person, a“double”, that can switch among distant observation, accurate impression or a tricksy and flippant theft of other people’s experiences. The workshop features the collaboration of Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi with the participation of the final year students of the contemporary dance course co-ordinated byMarinella Guatterini, and its results will be performed during the Festival.