1st November 8:30pm

Teatro Out Off

Teresa Vittucci


duration: 55 minutes
admission: 15/12€
reduced dance card ticket 7,50€ – limited seats

In some moments of the show there are high frequency strobe/intermittent lights.

The play will be followed by a meeting with the artist held by Stefano Tomassini, scholar, dance advisor and Associate Professor of Performing Arts at Iuav (Ve).

RADICAL DANCE Focus on the Swiss contemporary female scene
with the support of Pro Helvetia and Istituto Svizzero

Teresa Vittucci, versatile artist working in dance and contemporary performance with her investigations into feminist and queer perspectives of pop culture, history, and religion, presents DOOM, a play where she performs with the American multi-disciplinary musician and performer Colin Self. In DOOM, Teresa Vittucci invites Colin Self to join her in exploring the origins of femininity and the image of the woman starting from the mythological and biblical figures of Pandora and Eve, which epitomize the primary expression of femininity as well as being the origin of the threat looming on the female role. The performance studies their parallel destinies, the perception and the impact they had throughout history from a critical and queer-feminist perspective. DOOM is a play that, by analizying two ancestral narrations, attempts to detect the incarnations of femininity and the implications they involve. Vittucci and Self describe the long-term effects they have produced, the categories that have stemmed from them. A poetic exploration into which the performers delve to investigate a branch of knowledge still uncertain, unknown.




choreography and performance Teresa Vittucci 
composition and performance Colin Self 
stage direction Anna Wohlgemuth
lights Thomas Giger 
technical direction Anahí Pérez, Marek Lamprecht 
dramaturgy advice Benjamin Egger 
collaboration to dramaturgy Marc Streit / Tanzhaus Zürich 
managing direction Diana Paiva 
administration Karin Erdmann 
produced by OH DEAR! Zürich und OH DEAR productions Wien 
co-produced by Tanzhaus Zürich, Arsenic Lausanne, Théâtre St-Gervais Genève, Sophiensæle Berlin, WUK Wien, Dampfzentrale Bern, Art Stations Foundation CH/ Muzeum Susch 
with the support of Stadt Zürich Kultur, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Pro Helvetia Schweizerische Kulturstiftung, Migros Kulturprozent, Stiftung Ernst Göhner and Stadt Wien Kultu
a special thank to Theater Neumarkt  


Teresa Vittucci (1985 Vienna, Austria) graduated from Vienna Conservatory, The Ailey School, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD)and University of Arts Berne where she received her Masters in Expanded Theater.Her practice is rooted in the field of contemporary dance and performance and investigates feminist and queer perspectives on pop culture, history and religion.
She works as a solo artists, but chooses to collaborate from time to time.Collaborations include works with Simone Aughterlony, Nils A. Lange, MJ  Wolf, Michael Turinsky and Colin Self. Teresa based in Zurich, recei-ved the Swiss Dance Prize for her Solo-Production HATE ME, TENDER in 2019 and is Young Associate Artist at Tanzhaus Zürich.

Colin Self (1987 Oregon, USA) composes music, performance, and environments that expand consciousness and trouble binaries as well as boundaries of perception and communication. They work with communities across disciplines and use immaterial and material means – including voices, bodies, and computers – to interface with and reimagine worlds. Self is a frequent collaborator with artists including Holly Herndon, Martine Syms, Planningtorock, and Geo Wyeth. Their most recent commissions include THE WORLD TO COME, composed for Berlin’s State Orchestra in 2020, and TIP THE IVY, a semi-staged opera that premiered in Graz in February 2022. Self currently lives in Berlin.