29th October 8:30pm

Fabbrica del Vapore/Spazio Fattoria

Yasmine Hugonnet

RADICAL DANCE / La Peau de l’Espace

duration: 50 minutes
admission: 12/10€
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The play will be followed by a meeting with the artist held by Alessandra De Santis, artistic director of the festival.

RADICAL DANCE Focus on the Swiss contemporary female scene
with the support of Pro Helvetia and Istituto Svizzero

Yasmine Hugonnet is a choreographer and dancer interested in the relationship among forms, images and sensations, and the sprout of imagination, and whose very personal research has gone as far as the inner muscles, helping her develop her ventriloquy skills.
Already hosted in various editions of Danae, she comes back with with her solo La Peau de l’Espace, winner of the “Prix du Spectacle suisse de danse 2021”, born from the desire to share with her viewers sounds, images and insights related to the propulsive thoughts that animate creation. Gravity, persistence, fullness, emptiness, immobility/mobility: these are the basic coordinates of the choreographic art explored by Yasmine Hugonnet. Where does dance begin and where does it end? What is a situated body? How does one materialize gravity, proprioception? What information are exchanged between a body and the audience?
In this peculiar piece, made of dance and words, Hugonnet spreads out her body in a space thought as a second skin, which supports our stories and our imaginations, and asks the viewers to be her accomplices while she performs her dance. Gestures and postures evoke figures but also spaces outside the body or sometimes invisible objects. Thus, the choreography invites us to plunge into a variety of states of the body and of the mind, of sensitive and empathetic potentials while driving our attention towards the mysteries of motor abilities.


29th OCTOBER 8:30PM



concept, choreography, performance Yasmine Hugonnet
artistic collaboration Michael Nick
assistant Stéphanie Bayle
co-writer Charlotte Imbault
lighting design Dominique Dardant
administration Violaine DuPasquier
production and distribution Jérôme Pique
photos Anne-Laure Lechat
produced by Arts Mouvementés
co-produced by Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne (FR); Next Arts Festival (FR); La place de la danse – CDCN Occitanie (FR)
with the support of Pro Helvetia, Loterie romande, Corodis, Fondation Stanley Johnson