22nd October 4:30pm

Fabbrica del Vapore/Spazio Fattoria

Federica Terracina

Abito Sonoro_Play the space

duration: approx. 2 hours
admission: 5€

An open invitation to anyone who wants to create a carpet-map together with the artist and the Teatro delle Moire.
A symbolic action to celebrate 25 years of Danae Festival.

Federica Terracina is an independent artist specialized in textile art; she is a painter, costume designer, and educator. She studied with the artist Michele Cossyro and her pictorial research was influenced by phenomenal abstraction. Her approach focuses on the interaction with space. Her work was presented in several festivals and galleries both in Italy and abroad. For Danae Festival’s 25th anniversary, we asked Federica Terracina to create an event involving the participation of the Festival’s artistic direction along with the community that gathers around it.
In this event, Terracina proposes an exercise whose aim is creating a map-carpet by putting together coloured pieces of cloth, following the tension and surrending to the dizziness provoked by shapes, colours, matters, and sounds.
A project that brings people together with the shared goal of creating a temporary installation. The reiteration of gestures – cutting, sewing, knotting – turns the handling of fabrics into a mantra, and allows to trigger an intimate level of listening and a non-everyday relationship with time. 


22nd OCTOBER 16:30


by and with Federica Terracina 
robotics and programming Gioele Villani 
sound designer Francesco Zedde  


Federica Terracina – incredible fox is an independent artist, specialized in textile art; painter, costume designer, and trainer. L’astrazione fenomenica influences all of her pictorial research, she studies withthe artist Michele Cossyro. The interaction in the space is the key to her research. Her work has been presented on different occasions such as Galleria291Est, Rome; Matera Basilicata 2019 European, Capital of Culture; Lunetta Without frontiers, Mantua; Valletta 2018 European Capital of Culture; Altofest International Contemporary Live Arts, Naples; Musèe en Herbe, rue Rivoli, Paris; “FactoryPd’A” Contemporary Museum Testaccio, Rome. From 2015 to 2019 she is the author of the graphic interventions of the Fest Journal, the aesthetic guide of Altofest, drawn up by theCO.R (ResearchCommunity). From 2022 she realizes the conductive Abito Sonoro playground, e-textile fabric in Fondazione Lisio, for the multidisciplinary project: Abito Sonoro, created with Gioele Villani (robotics) and Francesco Zedde (sound designer).